Android emulator degrades bluetooth sound quality

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  • After starting an Android emulator on a Mac the sound quality of a connected bluetooth headset can degrade. This happens because the emulator requests an access to a microphone which is the one build in to the connected bluetooth headset. MacOS provides the access to the microphone and switches current bluetooth profile to a lower quality one used for speech. This degrades sound quality.

    If microphone is not a required feature for your task, the microphone can be disabled in the emulator as follows:

    1. Open Device Manager, then click on the “three vertical dots” icon of the emulator.
    2. Choose Show On Disk option.
    3. In the opened Finder find and open for editing the config.ini file.
    4. Find hw.audioInput property and set it to hw.audioInput = no.
    5. Save changes and restart the emulator.

    Now you should be able to enjoy the music in high quality and developer your awesome app at the same time.