Your dedicated Android expert

Technical Advisory Service
Technical Advisory Service empowers you with a designated Android Technical Advisor remotely or on-site. He will serve as your guide, advocate, consultant and partner to develop your product efficiently. Here are some key benefits of the service:
Speed to market
Identify and focus on the most important parts of your technical implementation to accelerate speed to market.
Competitive advantage
Get a competitive edge by leveraging the Technical Advisor’s domain knowledge and technology insights.
Product success
Increase product success through timely architecture audit and constant code reviews.

Customer Tailored Android Trainings
Android technology is constantly evolving which requires your development team to stay up-to-date for best performance results. We track all recent changes in Android technology and turn them into best practices for your developers and products. Here are some topics we cover:
Modern architecture for great Android applications
  • Componentization / modularization
  • Architecture patterns: MVP, MVVM
  • Android Architecture Components
  • Dependency injection with Dagger2
Techniques for efficient Android development
  • Reactive Android applications with RxJava
  • View binding with Data Binding Library and ButterKnife
  • Efficient networking with OkHttp, Retrofit2 and Jackson
  • From Java to Kotlin: Introduction into Kotlin
Best practices for connected applications
  • Offline-capable applications
  • Transferring data using SyncAdapters
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